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Infobip is one of the largest global communication-platform-as-a-service providers, who needed a reliable partner to help them design and implement SDK libraries for its public API on various programming languages. This would create a better developer experience for its primary API customers - the developers worldwide.


  • Infobip, one of the largest global providers of communication platform services, wanted to create and publish a series of SDKs for their public API.
  • They needed an extendable solution that supported modern programming patterns, and that could serve the developer community worldwide, which is their primary target group.


  • Stellar partnered closely with the Infobip engineering team to understand their needs for SDKs and built it as a modern and flexible series of libraries.
  • The solution was Github repo with SDKs covering various prominent languages including .NET, Java, Python. Typescript, PHP and more.


  • The SDK libraries have been successfully implemented, tested and published to the general public.
  • Infobip continued the development on the foundation laid out by Stellar’s teams and now has a future-proof set of programming libraries for their public API.