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Codeanywhere is a cross-platform cloud integrated development environment that enables users to write, edit, collaborate, and run web development projects from a web browser or mobile device. Together with Stellar, they managed to quickly scale their development teams and roll out new functionalities in record time.


Codeanywhere, a coding collaboration tool for pair programming, troubleshooting and teaching, struggled to meet the demand for high-quality engineers in the Croatian job market for the development of functionalities of their platform. Fueled by external funding, this Croatian startup need to scale up its team fast and with the most competent people on the market.


Faced with this challenge, Codeanywhere turned to Stellar. Together we formed joint development teams that consisted of skilled software engineers, data engineers and cloud devops experts. This unlocked all of the possibilities for Codeanywhere and they could deliver functional expansions of their platform in record time.


Stellar’s team proved to be a needed helping hand for Codeanywhere. By working together in a team augmentation mode, Stellar’s engineers effectively became an integral part of Codeanywhere’s development department and their work was well-valued by the rest of the organisation.